Tuesday, 26 August 2014 20:00

The Amazing LG G3

A good phone is one that does not discharge after a few hours of use. Today, however, we also must add other criteria to a good phone – a large, high quality display, a fast processor and an operating system which doesn’t crash. All these conditions are met by the LG G3.

Compared to the G2, the G3 has a number of innovations that make this phone operate much better. The main change is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-Core processor, which makes the smartphone as fast as some laptops. A modern processor allows for a phone to have a much faster response, and as a result - smoother photo viewing, webpage browsing and movie watching.

Another advantage is undoubtedly the 5.5" display with quad HD picture quality - four times higher than conventional HD. This allows us to enjoy the vivid colors and high quality of the photos or movies created using the G3. The improved laser autofocus and the ability to vary the sharpness of any elements in the frame regardless of the lighting, allows you to take pictures anywhere and in any situation.

The device is enclosed in an elegant casing, allowing for easy access to the battery. The battery itself is extremely durable - its power is up to 3000mAh. This makes the phone much more useful than the average smartphone that you need to charge virtually at every opportunity.

Test out the new LG G3 today!