Tuesday, 25 November 2014 19:00

Smart TVs from LG

Technology is moving forward every day. Thanks to this, we can enjoy the achievements of modern technology such as smartphones, which combine the functions of a phone and a laptop, or a tablet. But is it worth being limited to a small size? LG once asked themselves this question, and in response, the Smart TV was born.

The Smart TV is an amazing series of televisions which combine the advantages of a television and a computer. Thanks to the large LED screen, you can now watch movies in HD or 3D Ultra HD, and enjoy beautiful, vibrant colors. On the other hand, with features such as Miracast, NFC, WiDi and MHL you also have the opportunity to use it as a normal computer.

Miracast and NFC enable streaming data transfer from your computer or tablet, so that now you can view your photos or enjoy watching videos directly from Youtube on the big screen. The WiDi option allows you to share content from your computer and send it directly to your TV screen. This function is very useful for all kinds of company conferences and presentations. The MHL allows you to connect to Smart TV compatible devices without the need of using the Internet.

All of this is enriched with a very intuitive interface and a design which is very pleasing to the eye. Can you possibly want more from your TV?