Tuesday, 05 May 2015 06:15

Premium design. Pure connection.

Hold the Philips Design Collection of digital cordless and corded phones – stylishly bold yet timelessly iconic in every way.Our elegant quintet of phones: the M8, Luceo, Mira, Linea and Scala, seamlessly melds modern simplicity with cutting edge sophistication.

Inspired by contemporary home interiors, luxury accessories and metropolitan living, our Design Collection celebrates life’s highly desired aspirations while connecting to what’s most important to you. Each phone is designed with refined symmetry and ergonomic geometry in mind, using wide variety of best in class materials and expertly manufactured with precise attention to detail. Philips’ Design Collection represents a fresh new approach in home phone design and usage; one that is truly state of the art – in its artistry and intuitive ease of use – and has distinct pride of place in any home.

The Philips Mira is an award-winning phone that has won its way into many hearts and homes. With its sculptured silhouette and iconic ergonomic design, the Mira rightly deserves its prestigious Reddot and Good Industrial Design awards. Forging a fresh direction in cordless phone design, the Mira features effortless and intuitive keypad operation as well as handset cans crafted for unbeatable comfort during long calls. Its smart cable system keeps wires hidden while Philips HQ-Sound technology ensures clear and natural voice reproduction – always.

The Philips M8 breathes timeless modernity in every detail – from its refined yet simple lines to its exceptional user experience. Handset highlights are crafted from die-cast metal and feature a fine brush finish, conveying both visual and tactile appeal. Beyond its stunning good looks, the M8 is a testament to uncompromised quality. The newest edition to the collection boasts a genuine wood finish, which is a unique and eagerly anticipated introduction to this category.