Monday, 18 July 2016 05:53

Maqoo launches a men’s underwear revolution on Kickstarter

Maqoo announces the launch of its new men’s underwear made of linen. Based on their concept of creating a better underwear by first developing a better fabric. Maqoo men’s underwear is made of 81% linen, 16% nylon, 3% spandex. Linen fabric is heat conductive, and that is why it feels cool to the touch.

By creating an underwear out of linen fabric, the body can manage its temperature and dissipate excess heat. This also means the fabric stitch count could be increased without worrying aboutadding excessive insulation: the result is a large surface area of fibers for moisture to wick along. As linen fibers are smooth, moisture moves easily along them. Finally, linen's unparalleled breathability is due to gaps that form between the individual fibers when spun into yarn. Unlike a typical linen shirt, which is made of a woven fabric, Maqoo linen fabric is a knitted (interlocked), and this provides stretch in all direction forunrestricted movement.


Maqoo is about innovation and good design. Maqoo is reinventing men’s underwear with the release of their new product. A new fabric, for a new feeling.