Friday, 18 July 2014 06:58

Just ... help!

You click on a video clip. You see a woman whose mother talks about her daughter’s dreams, plans. A woman sewing a quilt. Then you slowly see how her dreams come true, showing that she can live in dignity, despite her illness. Sounds like a fairy tale? No, this is the true story of Angel. 

Give Where We Live is a program which, together with the company TELUS, makes dreams come true. Both small and big ones, making life easier for the sick, and improving the quality of their treatment. This program was created with each of us in mind. Because one day, any one of us could be faced with the nightmare of the battle against illness. Be it cancer or autoimmunity. Or perhaps taking care of your own, sick child. These are tragedies, where we want to live in dignity and provide ourselves and others with full comfort.

And you also can support this initiative. It is enough that you click on the video below, and repost it, sharing the story of Angel with your friends and .. that’s it! TELUS takes care of the rest. The more the video is re-posted, the more money is provided to the Give Where We Live program. The re-post does not cost anything, and yet you can help many people. The stories of lucky people, which this program has helped out can be found on the page accessible after clicking the video. Find out how much one re-post can do today!