Tuesday, 16 September 2014 05:42

Jump into the future

If you had the chance to see what will happen in your life in five, ten, or twenty years’ time, would you take it? Probably like many other people, you would prefer not to know what awaits you. We prefer to live in illusions and dreams. However, not everybody does – for example daredevils, who while shopping at IKEA agree to undergo hypnosis.

Justin Tranz is a well-known and respected hypnotist almost all over the world. He is most famous for his television programs, where among other things he helps people out of their various addictions. It was he who agreed to this unusual idea, where he induces a hypnotic state on daring customers who want to know their future.
This is an incredible experience - in the middle of the Swedish furniture store, on one of the comfortable mattresses are some volunteer customers who with their eyes closed describe what they see in their future. It sounds and looks incredible, but it is difficult not to believe in their very suggestive descriptions.
Is it possible to be both in the present and the future at the same time? Probably not, but the impression alone which you get from such a journey is something unforgettable. Especially because not everyone has the courage to face what their imagination suggests.
Want to be convinced by the journey taken by the first brave volunteers? Watch the video below!

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