Sunday, 10 October 2021 05:38

How to make your own embroidered patches

Patches are the essence of style and allow you to completely change the character of a given piece of clothing. You can also make this decorative element yourself, although this task is not as simple as it may seem. How can you make your own embroidered patch?

Why is it worth making a custom patch?

Creating a custom patch is a great way to relax in the afternoon, which is why so many people consider it their hobby. Creating your own patch is quite a complicated task for which you need patience and skill. Of course, the first self-made patches are neither pretty nor accurate, but practice makes perfect.

At the very beginning, it is worth applying reverse engineering, i.e., seeing how the badges you buy are made. There are many of them, but all follow the same pattern. In order to make your own patch, it is good to base it on a specific patch, so that the pattern itself is not a difficulty. What's more, you can also remake simple patches to give them a new colour and look.

Iron-on patches are becoming more and more popular. It is enough to press such a patch with a hot iron so that the glue on the bottom of the patch heats up and connects the patch with the fabric on which it is to be placed. Such patches can also be reworked and modified to make them more customized.

Isn't it better to just buy a patch?

The process of creating your own patch is tedious and long – you need to learn how to handle a needle and thread. What's more, making a simple patch is possible after a little bit of practice, but if you need a complicated and attractive patch, the best option is to order a custom patch. There are stores that sell such patches. Thanks to this, it is possible to order exactly the patch that you are looking for. One of the websites that offers this type of service is, which is the largest supplier of patches in the world. In this store you can order any patch, so you can get exactly what you are looking for.

Such a wide range of possibilities allow you to create badges of your favourite bands, characters of movies and series, as well as symbols and logos.