Tuesday, 30 September 2014 20:00

Decide between a tablet and laptop

Have a hard time trying to decide between a tablet and laptop? At first it might seem that the two are similar enough that it doesn’t matter but in reality the two of them are not a closely related as you might think. There are marked differences between a tablet and laptop that will make a large difference to your computing experience that you should consider before buying one or the other.

Much of the difference between a table and laptop will boil down to how you want to use it and want you want to use it for. Lets look a little closer at the two.

An important factor to consider when buying a tablet or laptop is the intended use. If you are going to surf the net, run a few apps and doing some chatting or watch movies/tv then a tablet may be perfect for you. A tablet is the perfect size if you are interested in reading ebooks or online news websites. If you plan on doing any heavy duty computing or gaming a tablet will not do as they lack the power of the laptop. Many sources will say that a tablet is more set for somebody that already has a primary laptop or desktop setup. Think of it as more of a secondary back up device you can take on the road.

A tablet wins out in terms of portability. They are small and they are light and are perfect to travel with. The chargers are smaller as well. A laptop depending on the screen size can be big an bulky and weigh you down during your travels. If you are looking for portability the tablet is much easier to carry.

The typing issue. I used a tablet at work for the better part of a year and I could never get over the typing factor. If you plan on doing a great deal of typing on a tablet you have to do with the touch screen which can be exhaustive or you have to add a keyboard which is another carry on. The keyboard add ons are usually smaller as well which takes some getting used to.

A large benefit of the tablet is battery life. They can last the better part of the day depending on what tasks you are doing. Laptops on the other hand have a comparable shorter battery life and require constant recharging.

Those are a couple of the marked differences to in helping you decide between a tablet and laptop. I like to look at the tablet as a companion to my main computer station. Something I can take on the go with me to complete some of my basic or smaller tasks. There is not doubt that a tablet compliments any computer system and if you are looking for a simple to use machine that suites your needs a tablet may be perfect for you.