Friday, 27 January 2017 08:35

Craft beer - why is it better?

When we come of age and can finally legally go to the pub for a beer, usually we don’t have high expectations. We want to have fun among friends, maybe meet someone, explore the city - and leave as much money in our pockets as possible.

However, this is not always a good strategy. Understanding the simple truth that it’s all about quality often comes with age ... and thank goodness for that! We cannot endlessly go around dive bars with strangers and random beverages.

Anyone who is mature enough to drink with class should instead go to a place, which offers a wide range of craft beers. These are products are created with passion, dedication and diligence, which has a direct impact on their taste. They are not only better, but also more diverse, and a skilled bartender will recommend you just the thing that your taste buds are looking for.

What more could you want? Well, maybe interesting company. But in bars like La Resolution in Las Vegas you will find not only exquisite wines, but also excellent companions for their consumption. You'll find that the pleasure of drinking beer goes much further than intoxication.