Thursday, 29 November 2018 20:00

Win your future with StoryHive

Have you got a great idea for a web series of videos? If so, then you are the ideal candidate for grabbing up to fifty thousand dollars. This is not a joke - this project financing is simply waiting for the best young designer.

StoryHive is a platform bringing together young and ambitious writers, who have an idea for themselves and for creating something on the Internet. On it you can promote your ideas and projects to gain your first fans and take part in a unique campaign in which you can win quite a lot of money.
How do you do it? It is enough that today you join this unique platform and share your ideas for a web series. If your proposal will appeal to others and go to the second stage of the competition, you will have the opportunity to compete with other equally talented artists. And then? A prize awaits the best creator - a grant of fifty thousand dollars.
Who can take part in the second edition of StoryHive? Practically every developer, regardless of how fluent they are in graphics programs, processing or editing. It is the idea that counts - its originality decides whether you will reach the peak of the mountain.
Want to learn more about the platform and the StoryHive campaign? If so, click on the video!

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