Tuesday, 04 August 2015 06:16

WHOA.com Announces CompliancePoint Partnership to Deliver PCI and HIPAA Secure Cloud for Business

WHOA.com, a leader in secure cloud computing for public, private and hybrid environments, today announced that CompliancePoint - an information security consulting and compliance services provider, has been selected to guide the expansion of WHOA's cloud compliant healthcare and ecommerce portfolios.

 WHOA.com explored the compliance market and found CompliancePoint to be the only fit from a compliance expertise and depth of compliance products portfolio that also aligns with WHOA.com's vertical strategy.

CompliancePoint's Continuous Compliance and Assurance (CCA) program includes gap identification, remediation assistance and the implementation of the compliance program using our Compliance Automation Portal (CAP). Ensuring not only that WHOA will achieve compliance, but it is able to maintain this security posture throughout the year. The CAP portal automates the workflow and delivers real-time visibility into current compliance levels. Organizations get an automated and effective means of achieving compliance with standards such as HIPAA/HITECH and PCI, as well as maintaining their security posture throughout the year.

"Part of our commitment to a secure compliant cloud is to partner with experts in compliance, particularly in verticals like healthcare and ecommerce that focus on PCI, HIPAA and HITECH," said Tim Varma, WHOA.com Chief Strategy Officer. "In addition, WHOA.com will be able to leverage this portal to assist WHOA customers attain and maintain their necessary compliance requirements."

"With the increased occurrence of breaches, targeting and monetizing company datasets, it has become apparent that organizations must implement a consistent approach to managing these activities as part of their normal business operations," said Greg Sparrow, Vice President and General Manager for CompliancePoint. "Our CCA program provides organizations the tools they need to ensure a consistent security posture for compliance and mitigate the risk of a breach."

WHOA.com is committed to exceeding expectations, particularly in terms of security and compliance. We know our customers appreciate the value, and the opportunity it offers them to succeed.

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