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The Great Yorkshire Show

Yorkshire Yorkshire

The Great Yorkshire Show is an annual event, held on the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate, North Yorkshire annually from the second Tuesday of July until the following Thursday. It is organised and run by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society. It is the largest agricultural show in the United Kingdom with over 150,000 visitors during the 3 day event.


International Showjumping at the Great Yorkshire Show

We set off at 8.30am hoping to get to the venue for around 9.30am, park the car and then make our way to the showground – the traffic though caused us major problems, and whilst the event is very well organised, the shear number of people visiting the show today, made our journey very slow – thankfully, there was air conditioning in the car.

The Main Ring is the main focal point of the show and features everything from international show jumping to pole climbing, marching bands to the cattle parade. My favourite event today was the JCB Dancing Diggers, and whilst I’m not a show jumping fan I enjoyed the international competition with show jumpers from around the UK.

The Dancing JCB diggers

Around the showground there’s a lot to take in. We took a good look at the hundreds of animals - from the mad pigs to Andorran goats. The sheep shearing, and fly fishing competitions were really good fun to watch as well, but I loved the food hall - they were stalls with food from around the World, and you could tuck into the food, wine and beer samples!

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