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Pitney Bowes Unveils New Brand Strategy for the Future of Commerce
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015 19:00

Pitney Bowes Unveils New Brand Strategy for the Future of Commerce

Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions that power commerce, today unveiled a new brand strategy and identity that is more closely aligned to the company’s business transformation strategy and vision first detailed back in May 2013.


“We are not the same company we were several years ago,” said Marc Lautenbach, President and CEO, Pitney Bowes. “We have expanded our business into high growth markets, including digital commerce and software, while at the same time continuing to innovate in our core mailing and shipping businesses. Our new brand strategy and identity not only reflect who we are today, but also where we are going in the future.”


Mr. Lautenbach will formally unveil the new brand strategy and identity this morning to 15,000 employees at a globally broadcasted town hall meeting in Orlando, Florida.


“Today marks another significant milestone in the company’s transformation,” said Abby Kohnstamm, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Pitney Bowes. “The new brand strategy will clarify our role in the changing world of commerce, emphasizing the interplay between physical and digital communications and also spotlighting emerging technology areas such as location intelligence, customer information management and cross-border commerce where Pitney Bowes provides industry leading solutions. Importantly, the new brand differentiates Pitney Bowes and makes us more relevant to a wider audience around the world.”


The Pitney Bowes New Brand Strategy and Identity


Pitney Bowes is a global technology company that powers billions of physical and digital transactions across the connected and borderless world of commerce.


With a relentless focus on delivering accuracy and precision, Pitney Bowes helps clients create meaningful impact with their businesses.


This is just the third logo design in the 95-year history of Pitney Bowes. The first appeared in 1930, the second was launched in 1971, and today marks the third brand identity for the company.


The company is also launching today a transformed web site with enhanced content and improved user experience,, and a newly designed employee Intranet site.


FutureBrand and DigitasLBi were engaged for brand strategy and design, and digital transformation respectively.