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Michelin tyres overthrow winter myths!

Few people like to drive their cars in winter. It’s slippery and it’s easy to lose control of the vehicle. The problem is that many of us believe in winter myths, and this belief reduces our safety on the road even more. So, what is it that we should not believe? The tire manufacturer Michelin tells us.

The first myth is to believe that snow is our biggest enemy on the road. It turns out, however, that it’s actually the temperatue itself which is much more dangerous. The reason being, that at low temperatures rubber tires become harder and less flexible, and hence lose traction.
The second myth is the thinking that winter tires should be put on only when the first snow falls. For many, this is the sign of winter. We forget that winter is not just associated with snow - frost, fog and other unfriendly weather phenomena are also signs of winter.
The third - driving around in the city is safer than in the countryside. The reasoning is simple - if the roads in the city are cleared, it means that it is safer. But it's not! It turns out that it is actually safer in the country, because not only can we adjust our speed to the conditions more easily, but we also do not have to drive through slush.
The fourth myth is the belief that we should not change tires when we drive rarely. Well, even on a short stretch of road we get caught in a skid, and each trip is associated with danger.
And the last myth? This is to say that winter tires slow us down. It's actually true, but thanks to them, we are indeed a lot safer.


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