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Best Ways To Make Your Wooden House Bathroom Look More Spacious

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Increasing the square area of your log cabin bathroom is not always convenient. While it's possible by adding some logs and extending them, the task needs time and investment.

Moreover, extending the bathroom means more land, which is not always an option. But, that doesn't mean you cannot create an illusion of a large bathroom.

Here are a few ways that can make your existing wooden house bathroom look much larger in area. Have a look.

Lighting and Windows

The tints and tones of your bathroom play a crucial role in its overall area's looks. Usually, a place with high light looks much larger than the dim one. So, adding light to your bathroom will help a lot.

Start by cutting some windows in the wooden house bathroom. Adding a sunroof can also help here by letting in the natural sunlight.

In case you don't want everything to be light-colored, go for full black. You have to replace everything from your toilet seat to curtain with glossy black variants.

The glossy paints create a unique hue something like the night sky and also reflect some light. It helps you to draw attention to lights, windows, and fixtures. Accompanied with high light bulbs, it can create an illusion of larger areas. You can also get stained wood from Maestro Cabins for this part.

Smart Design and Placement

The fixtures and fitting like showers, sinks, doors, and cabinets take a substantial amount of space in your bathroom. Since you don't have a lot of this space, smart designs are your pick.

You have to use distinct shapes and types of fitting that can provide full-facility with minimal space consumption. It's also a great idea to use every nook and corner of the bathroom.

For instance, instead of the regular washbasin, you can use an angular model. It will fit in the corner and leave the center of the bathroom roomy in your Wooden house.

Similarly, using a curved shower door and a slightly smaller towel holder can also help. Then there is the smart bespoke cabins option. You can replace the large cabin with a modern seat type or folding type cabinet.

Maintain Continuity

When you have a small bathroom space, breaking it into pieces will only make it look small. Thus rather than making the bathroom look like its five pieces, make it one whole section.

You can paint all the walls in the same colors or with the same tone of wood stain. Smooth transitioning at the corner and ends also helps.

And make sure you paint your ceiling along with all the walls. The unified walls and ceiling make it difficult to find where the walls end in your Wooden house.

Adding some light glossy or light-colored paint further enhances the effect. It increases the light reflection and adds a character to the bathroom. The added contrast also brings out the light areas, creating a gap between tints and tones. Hence, your place looks seamless and much larger than its actual size, resulting in bespoke cabins.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are again a great addition to any small bathroom. They work on the light principles to increase the areas of your bathroom.

The mirrors help you to reflect the light from your windows or lights to the dark corner of the bathroom. In simpler words, it helps light up the bathroom without adding new bulbs.

And you already know that the amount of light has a direct effect on the aerial appearance of the bathroom. So the more mirrors you have the larger your bathroom appears.

Another great trick here is to add an LED-lit mirror. They not only increase the light but also create a pop effect. It creates the center of attraction for your bathroom.

Final Words

These are only a few tricks that you can use in your Wooden house. There are a lot more like using patterned floors, scaling walls covering, and replacing the curtain.

Basically, anything that adds light or creates a focal point will help you in this part. So plan accordingly. 

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