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Let yourself be carried away by the charm of the Yucatan

Do you feel tired of the reality that surrounds you? Have you not been on vacation for a long time? Or maybe you’re dreaming of a place where you can take that special someone? If so, you should go to a place where miracles can be seen at every step, and where joyful residents will accept you with open arms.

The Yucatan is found in south-eastern Mexico. Surrounded by beaches of white sand, with wonderfully diverse flora and fauna. A great place to relax and revitalise your body and mind.
However, the Yucatan is not only a great place to relax on the beach, but also a place with rich tradition and culture. The archaeological heritage of the Maya, who once lived in these areas will undoubtedly delight every visitor of the great estates and temples of which only ruins now remain.
An incredibly interesting place is also the capital of the Yukatan - Merida. It is now a modern city famous for its art galleries, original souvenir shops and restaurants with phenomenal local food.
If you would like to get to know the wealth of Yukatan tradition more, then we also invite you to the fiesta. This local festival has a rich tradition and is held in honor of the patron of the plantation. An unforgettable feast full of flavors, music, dance and fireworks, which usually takes a good few days. Try the specialties - Mexican tacos, guacamole, mola, tlayudas or even pork with oranges.
Plan your memorable vacation today – go swimming in the emerald-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, taste local Mexican specialties and see the unusual sights which are waiting just for you to see.

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