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Lake District camping trip

Well, on Thursday, I’ll be disappearing for a few days, on a camping trip to the beautiful Lake District National Park – I had organised the camp site until I realised that the site was no where near where I thought it was, so I’ve written down the addresses of four campsites, and I’ll see which one is the best one once we get there.


Camping Tips for people like me

I’m taking my younger brother, on his first camping experience, so this should be a fun trip, with plenty of walking, and taking in the fresh Cumbrian air. Since neither of us are experienced at camping, I thought I would do a little research and well, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you.

Camping Tips

Apparently you should make sure that you choose the right tent, and here’s me thinking that a tent is just tent - well there’s a few to choose from, these been the Hooped Tunnel, Dome, Geodesic and Ridge tent.

Make sure you know how to put your tent up and have a practice pitch in the back garden before you go to familiarise yourself (it took me 2 hours to put a tent up last time!) with how it goes together. Look for signs that the ground might be potentially wet or not well drained, e.g. bottom of slopes against stone walls or near to streams.

Avoid pitching on steep sloping ground, as at night you’ll end up slipping downhill and end up on top of each other! Having said that a very slight slope can help with drainage and it’s advisable not to sleep with your head down hill as you may end up with a headache due to the increased blood flow

For a comfortable nights sleep It well worth using a self inflating mat to insulate yourself from the cold ground while you are sleeping. When cooking make sure that the stove is on a stable surface, you don’t want the stove to fall over with pan of boiling water on it!

If your like me – a complete amateur at camping then I recommend that you visit this very useful website for camping tips - it is must read website with tons full of useful information and ideas.

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