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From boyhood dreams to adult success

As a child, each of us had dreams - to be a fireman, a policeman or a famous athlete. Some of us are able to achieve them. But the path to success must be preceded by hard work. How much perseverance is needed? This is known only by those who pursue their dreams through hard work. One example is Maxence Parrot, who has achieved many successes in winter sports. His true passion is snowboarding.

Maxence's snowboarding adventure began when he was nine years old. Over time, his hobby turned into his passion and way of life. However, to be successful and execute perfect jumps, Maxence has to work very hard. Many hours of training allow him to continuously improve his skills. We encourage you to watch the video that shows how he trains, as well as his approach to life and snowboarding. By watching the video, you'll find out how much work has to be put in to make a perfect jump. It might seem that it’s not that hard.

However, in order for the jump to look perfect and be safe, you need at least a year of exhausting attempts that often end in falls and injuries. You also need great fortitude to not give up and continue practising, trying aganin and again every day until you achieve the success that you dream about.

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