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Enjoying Life at Tenerife

There are so many lovely and breathtaking places to be explored in the Spanish Canary Islands. Of all the islands Tenerife has the best sceneries for tourism. A Tenerife virtual tour will show you that the island is a must-visit for your next vacation.

 Even though the Canary Islands is a cluster Tenerife is the largest and most preferred of all the islands. It is situated geographically in 28th and 29th North and at 16W and 17W.

Overview of Tour

The El Teide volcano makes Tenerife one of best sceneries. It is looming majestically in the midst horizon. It is therefore, an obvious sight visible from all the surrounding islands. The Tenerife virtual tour also shows you lush and green surroundings which encapsulate form the best of The El Teide clearly visible from far. El Teide is also Spain's highest point and mountain peak and has a range of diversified landscapes. The landscapes offer various types forms climatic conditions which are ideal for tourist activity.

Overly Tenerife Island offers one of the most pleasant and welcoming climates unconditionally throughout the year. The average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. This has been an attraction for many during the holiday vacations regardless of the time of the year. Millions of people ranging from Europeans to Americans crowd Tenerife all year long without fail all the time for the pleasant climate and just soaking in the beautiful environment. Here are some of the things you can engage in while in Tenerife to have the best experience:


Tourists often spend their mornings, afternoons and evenings exploring the entire Tenerife. However, it is in evening and all throughout the night that they enjoy the parties in clubs and lodges all over the island. If you have a list of things to do in Tenerife then you have to include party in it. The lights, drinks, music, dances and joint adventures of the night have to be part of your plan. The vibrant Spanish style of partying is evident from the exciting beaches of the island. Besides, you will be having fun with crowds and having the peace of mind that you are safe all the time. There are so many bars, pubs and clubs in Tenerife which are welcoming for tourists as well as for the locals to enjoy.


Nature lovers will certainly be delighted with plenty and abundance of tropical life that can be explored all year round. These are often available at the exciting national parks at Anaga, Corona Forestal Natural ParkFree Reprint Articles, Teno Rural Park and Teide. They have been well maintained and preserved for their many species of life which cannot be found elsewhere in the world. When considering things to do in Tenerife ensure you visit the parks and see how the pleasant climate allows for the species to blossom and co-habit with human beings. It is amazing. There are also the beautiful sandy beaches which allows for hours of relaxation and tranquil. With this you get good fresh air as you enjoy the warm welcoming waters. Other activities that you can engage in are surfing and water skiing.

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