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An unforgettable Valentine's Day with WestJet

Would you like to confess your love to your significant other, but you don't know how to do it in an original way? You can take her on a romantic trip or hope to have the same luck as JP and Mike did. Both men had the opportunity to take advantage of WestJet's unique proposition. 


Two men in a jewellery store are choosing engagement rings. They don't know that their proposal will truly be of a unique character. All thanks to WestJet, which has offered the preparation for an engagement, that their sweethearts have never dreamed of. The two couples went to Barbados, where they could enjoy life to the fullest.

However, it wasn't up to the couple to decide about when and in what circumstances the big question would be popped. The organizers would decide that. How did it work out? We'll find out on Valentine's Day. The whole plan is part of WestJet's campaign to promote romantic weekends for couples in Barbados.

The main characters of this whole intrigue were able to discover how fabulous this island could be, and best of all – how their stay didn't have to cost a fortune. How did the engagement story of JP and Stephanie, Mike and Heather 

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