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5 reasons why you must visit Prague

landmark of Prague landmark of Prague

Prague is an extremely popular destination for tourists from around the world. In 2018, this city was visited by almost 8 million tourists!

Its popularity is not at all surprising - Prague is a great place for lovers of architecture and art, good food and history. The Czech capital is also a popular destination for a short city break, i.e. a weekend trip to a popular European city. Why is this place worth visiting? What does Prague have to offer?


  1. Great connections to all major European cities


Prague is the perfect destination for a weekend trip with your friends or your significant other. The capital of the Czech Republic is well connected with most large European cities, therefore reaching it does not take much time. You can travel by bus, rail or plane. It is worth trying one of many cheap flight search engines. You’d be surprised how low some of the ticket prices are!


  1. Low prices


Arrival in Prague does not involve big costs, not only in terms of travel. The city is quite cheap, especially for tourists arriving from Western European countries. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about spending too much, and even staying for a few days will be safe for your budget.


  1. Tasty traditional cuisine


Czechs like to eat. And they know how to cook well. Traditional Czech cuisine is perhaps not the healthiest in the world, but in the end, who’s concerned about their diet during a pleasant holiday?


The most popular Czech delicacies include fried cheese traditionally served with hranolki (French fries), as well as knedliki (dumplings) and pretzels.


It is not surprising that all these delicacies are perfect as a beer appetizer.


  1. The beauty and history of the city


The Czech capital is also known for the beauty of its architecture and rich history. The city is famous for its charming cobbled streets and many famous monuments. When in Prague, you absolutely have to visit the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, and the St. Vitus Cathedral. In the city you can also find many quiet and peaceful places where you can relax during a day full of attractions and sightseeing.


  1. A paradise for beer lovers


Czech beer will satisfy the palate of even the most demanding connoisseurs of this drink. In Prague, in every bar you will find a wide selection of beers and you can expect the highest quality and rich taste. However, do not be surprised if you see a third of the mug filled with white foam - this is how this beer is served in the Czech Republic.


  1. Crazy nightlife


Visiting Prague would not be complete without discovering its famous nightlife. The streets of the Czech capital are filled with pubs, bars, clubs and everyone will find something for themselves here. Get ready for lots of wild fun with the best drinks, good music and the company of the most beautiful women.


You might be tired after all these attractions, but you will certainly be satisfied!


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