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5 Reasons to Vacation in Florida this Winter

Looking for a place to escape the bitter cold without going too far from home? Florida is a great spot for a winter vacation because of the warm temperature for this time of year and there are tons of activities for everyone in the family. If you’re looking to bring your family on a cozy vacation this winter, travel to Florida for a fun getaway. Here are five reasons to travel to Florida in the winter.



1.    Florida theme parks are open year-round.


Unlike other places where the theme parks are closed for the winter, Florida’s theme parks are open year round. There’s no reason for them to close in the winter because the weather is still warm and it’s a great time of year to visit. You won’t get the huge crowds that come during the summer and you can avoid the sweltering heat.


2.    You can rent a home away from home.


Although you want to get away from the cold weather during the winter, you still may want the warm and cozy feel of your family home. There are luxury vacation home rentals in Florida (http://www.floridasunshinevacationrentals.com/) that were made for relaxing and being your home away from home. These beautiful rental homes feature all of the necessary amenities, plus they are located close to all of Orlando’s biggest attractions.


3.    There are plenty of sunny beaches


The main reason people seek to vacation during the winter is because they prefer to relax on a sunny beach! Florida offers plenty of beaches that are not crowded during the winter months. You can also find special packages for snowbirds that include activities and events to attend nearby.


4.    It’s a great time to see animals


If you’d like to bring your family to the zoo or other park to see animals, winter is the right time to do so. In the summer, many animals hide to stay out of the heat and visitors leave disappointed because they did not get to see the animals. During the cooler months, the animals will most likely wander around their enclosure seeking warmth so you will be able to see them.


5.    There are many water activities


In most places around the country, taking a dip in the pool or visiting a water park is completely out of the question during the winter. Not so in Florida where the water parks are open for the kids and resorts all have heated swimming pools. The great thing about visiting water parks in the winter is you can avoid all the long lines for water slides and tubing. The ocean may be a bit cold but if you’re coming from a place like Canada, you’ll probably find the water at a perfect temperature.

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