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10 Facts you Need to Know About Scandinavian Log Cabins

scandinavian log cabins scandinavian log cabins pixabay

Scandinavian log cabins are a dream home for many people. The simple design with natural finishes looks like an escape from the busy world. Not only aesthetically beautiful, but the log cabins have some fantastic facts.

So, keep reading to explore all the facts about Scandinavian log cabins.

#1 Natural Insulators

The Scandinavian log cabins are natural insulators due to the unique property of the wood. The wood which appears solid is highly porous. In addition, it contains air pockets that hold heat and coldness. That's why scandinavian log cabins are natural insulators and keep cabins warm in winter and cold during summers.

#2 Energy Efficient

The air pockets in wood store heat from heat sources like a furnace or electrical equipment. It warms up rapidly and releases the stored heat for a longer time. Also, the battery effect is very popular as the wood.

It stores heat from sunlight during the day and releases it in the evening in winters. During summers, the heat from outside doesn't enter the home due to the insulation. This keeps the house cool. So little or no energy is required to heat or cool up Scandinavian log cabins.

#3 Aesthetically Beautiful

Wood is one of the most mesmerising things in the world. You can incorporate several characteristics in your Scandinavian log cabin with various woods. The natural colour, prints, open beams, and craftsmanship looks incredible.

#4 Environmentally Friendly

The carbon footprint of a Scandinavian log cabin is zero. It means it's environment friendly and a green home. Trees are specially grown for building purposes which is good for the environment. The tree being a renewable source does not harm nature in any way.

#5 Resistant to Electricity

Wood is electrically resistant. The electric current does not pass through wood, as it's an insulator. So, there are fewer chances of accidents due to electricity failures.

#6 Thermal Benefits

Wood doesn't change its core structure even when it's cold or hot. Instead, it maintains itself by storing heat and coldness in its air pockets. So, the wear and tear due to extreme temperature are minor.

#7 Good Acoustics

The porous structure of wood absorbs sound significantly. You can use large, heavy panels if you want a soundproof room completely. Thus, there's less echo and more soundproofing.

#8 Lightweight

The Scandinavian log cabins use lightweight wood, which is very durable. It's straightforward to transport. Also, it takes less time for preparation, and the number of nails used is less. Thus the  lightweight property lets it undergo all the processes of maintenance and transportation quickly.

#9 Reduced Carbon Footprints

The carbon footprints are the total number of carbon-related products released directly or indirectly. The carbon footprint of log cabins is low as the house warms and cools with little need for electrical products. Also, there is zero carbon waste produced during the building process. In addition, the wooden house absorbs C02 and creates a perfect eco-friendly home.

#10 Resistant to Oxidation

Wood is resistant to oxidation. Oxidation rates and damages the metal elements, leading to less life. Where wood is unaffected by oxidation making it durable and safe.

Bottom Line

So go through these facts before designing your dream Scandinavian log cabin. All these characteristics will come together to create a perfect abode for you.

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